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5. May 2021
On to the Venice Biennale 2019
5. May 2021

Again hands sculpture at the Biennale

Simple message, brute means: Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has once again brought a sculpture of giant hands to Venice.

It was one of the most striking artworks during the Venice Art Biennale two years ago: two giant hands jutting out of the Grand Canal and supporting a house. The Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn – son of actor Anthony Quinn – wanted to draw attention to climate change with the sculpture “Support” at the luxury hotel Ca’ Sagredo, which also endangers historic buildings in Venice due to rising water levels. Now it’s the Biennale again – and Quinn is back! Six pairs of oversized folded hands form an arched bridge over a Venetian waterway, this time somewhat hidden in the Arsenale Nord. Once again, the work is not part of the Biennale, but one of the many installations vying for visitors’ attention on the fringes of the art show. According to the motto: the more massive, the better! Quinn’s message is also banal this time (cohesion!), his use of means all the more immoderate for it. In the Monopol blog of 09.05.2019, the magazine informs about the new sculpture.

(Report Monopol Magazine 18.04.2019)

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