Art as a cure

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Art used specifically as a remedy

The healing effect of art interests more and more

Special effects open up a wide variety of application fields and design forms for me. Graphics with the computer is also the search for better and novel interactions, which further enlivens my original creativity as a typographer.

In creating this series of images on ‘Art as a Remedy’, it becomes apparent that art will be more than just a visual experience. Looking at a piece of art can have an effect on our brain – it can evoke emotions, change our thought patterns, and open our minds. These works find use as art in spaces that evoke calm or inspire hope, so especially in hospitals, nursing and recovery rooms, or even doctor’s and therapy rooms – simply places that promote positivity, well-being and good health.

The pictures are constructed in different techniques. On the one hand they are painted, on the other hand digitally supplemented with photo works, graphic elements as well as typography and then digitally merged and can be printed on acrylic glass (reinforced with aluminum dibond) or canvas.