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Professional painting workshops are absolutely in!

Everyone is an artist, said Joseph Beuys, but he added that this did not make him a painter, sculptor or poet. It is nothing new for painters to be inspired by their models and, under certain circumstances, to copy their pictures. However, being inspired to then create one’s own work is a sense of achievement that motivates an artist again and again to continue working on his or her own visual language.

One focus of my offer for these people is in the area of experimental painting and the courageous use of a wide variety of materials. I support each individual course participant in the critical examination of their own artistic creation. And I work to ensure that the results achieved in courses and seminars have an impact beyond the workshop, influencing the participants’ further work and thus being integrated into their future creative activities.

My workshops offer the possibility to dedicate oneself to a task in peace, i.e. without being disturbed by everyday business and without time pressure. Because painting is also leisure. The simultaneous creative discussion with other course participants in the workshop stimulates new thoughts and reflections for one’s own work. This also enables a deeper penetration into the subject matter and differentiated perspectives. I support each individual course participant in the critical examination of his or her own artistic work.

On the following pages you will find my offer. Whether you would like to work creatively with me in smaller groups and thus more individually in my own spacious studio in Dagmersellen or in one of the well-known academies in the German-speaking part of Europe, I am happy to leave it up to you. And for private courses, corporate events or special events, we will promptly provide you with an offer.

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