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DVD – Jukebox with valuable work instructions


DVD Robert Süess – Colorfulness, Forms and Gestures
(Production Susanne and Steffen Rolla)

On this DVD you can follow the creation of two multi-part works from beginning to end.
Running time 105 minutes
Euro 40.- (plus shipping costs)

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DVD Robert Süess

Today’s world is becoming more digital – and so is the art world!

This makes optimal digital marketing all the more necessary.

The use of short or educational videos of painting artists on the Internet or on social media platforms is not only a trend, but also holds many advantages. It is therefore more important than ever to make one’s works and their background visible online and thus to reach one’s own target group reliably and regularly via digital channels.

In short or tutorial videos, exciting sequences, partial steps or entire image creation processes are shown. How do I work as an artist in the studio? What materials do I use? How do I go about building a new work? In a video I can explain my way of working, so that customers and people interested in art can immerse themselves in my paintings. Or those interested in painting can also find basics for their work.
My course videos at Geistreich-Lernen are one thing. On the internet platform Geistreich-Akademie I show different painting techniques and image processing. But also in my Youtube channel beginners and advanced can find a wide range of practical suggestions and detailed image viewing.

My learning videos at Geistreich-Akademie


Paid learning videos
(Production Susanne and Steffen Rolla)

Take the opportunity to get to know my exclusive 32 paid videos and learn from my working methods.

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Robert Süess bei Geistreich-Akademie

Short video


Academy Wildkogel
Actionvideo picture production Günther Reil – Robert Süess
(Production Nina Winkler)

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Actionvideo Wildkogel Günther Reil-Robert Süess