Integrating the means of computer graphics into my creative world

Digital computer graphics has now evolved into a genre of art in its own right. Increasingly powerful computer technology and more conveniently equipped image processing, graphics and creativity programs give us artists new, great design possibilities in the hand. At the same time, it opens up more and more unimagined new dimensions of design.

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Challenges in FineART and Computer Graphics

We encounter graphics everywhere, and more and more they are directly related to the computer. With the FineART process (or also called PrintART), I can print my creations on the respective material of choice (for example, on paper, canvas, aluminum dibond panels or acrylic glass). For optimal protection of the image, the FineART print can be matte or glossy laminated and ensures that the colors look even more vibrant. The direct printing process is also particularly suitable for products that are to be placed outdoors.

I will be happy to discuss with you a specific commission for a single or series work and advise you on the qualitatively correct further processing of my data templates.