Art Coordination

Exhibition in corridors and rooms

of the Bethesda Hospital, CH-Basel

As part of the ongoing exhibitions in various corridors and rooms of the Bethesda Hospital in Basel, I have been in charge of the artist coordination for several years.

Currently you can still find works by Daniel Schär (painting) and Robert Süess (painting) there. The exhibition in this selection of artists is constantly being adapted and is now managed by Claude Lüscher (

The artists’ paintings are for sale. If you are interested or require further information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone E-Mail or Phone

Visits to the exhibition rooms are possible during the official opening hours of the hospital. Let yourself be captivated by the colorful compositions and enjoy the special ambience in these exhibitions at Bethesda Hospital Basel.

Artworks from

» Daniel Schär
» Robert Süess

Image selection Daniel Schär (

Corridor A1

Image selection Robert Süess (

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