FineART - In times of covid-19

The world is facing a pandemic and experiencing a present like never before. Many countries have imposed curfews to flatten the curve of contagions. To reduce the number of people infected with the virus, many stay at home, the only way to actively help against the rapid spread.

Caused by the in every respect impairing Corona crisis, I was inspired for this special FineART picture series by the many colorful background images in TV and video presentations and would like to present in this way difficult subjects in a new art form virtually appealing. Special effects open up a wide variety of fields of application and forms of design for me. Graphics with the computer is also the search for better and novel interactions, which further enlivens my original creativity as a typographer.

Since each image can be changed individually, it is possible for me to respond to your own wishes (e.g. insert or omit your own, different text messages). Let me know how you want your personal image designed.