In times of covid-19

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The world inside us

A catastrophe alone does not make art

The world faced a pandemic and experienced a present like never before. Many countries imposed curfews to flatten the curve of contagions. Many activities of art professionals shifted to the net. This is also a kind of corona-related art, for which there are now entire databases.

With my computer works I have tried to make the standstill of the pandemic, the diffuse feeling of being lost and the simultaneous, cautious search for liveliness perceptible again. For this special FineART picture series I was inspired by the many colorful background images in TV and video presentations. In this way I would like to present difficult subjects in a new art form in a virtually appealing way. Special effects open up a wide variety of application fields and design forms for me.

Since each image can be changed individually, it is possible for me to respond to your own wishes (e.g. insert or omit your own, different text messages). Let me know how you want your personal image designed.