Selected articles about art and artists

The goal is to positively influence the public’s perception of the artist through editorial coverage in the media. You will find below some press reports about me and my art.

Journeys of discovery in landscapes of the soul (to the Pentecost picture 2023)

Willisauer Bote, April 2023

Willisauer Bote (Pfingstbild 2023)

My pictures are landscapes of the soul

boesner-Onlinekatalog 2023-2024
Article studio shooting
(pages 368-373)


Boesner-Onlinekatalog 2023-2024

My pictures are landscapes of the soul

boesner main catalog 2022-2023
Article studio shooting
(pages 308-313)


Boesner-Katalog 2022-2023

Robert Süess or the principle of freedom

Singulart I Magazine, April 2022


Singulart Magazin 2203

A man with a clear line

Willisauer Bote, April 2021


Willisauer Bote 2104

5 minutes with Robert Süess

Singulart I Magazine, March 2021


Singulart Magazine 2103

‘I wanted to be free’

Neue Luzerner Zeitung, November 2015


NLZ Piazza 151129

What is important for the artist in a press release?

Press releases are probably the most widely used public relations tool and a crucial link between artists and people interested in art. At the same time, the demand for multimedia content is also rising sharply, so that artists do the media a great favor when they make well-prepared image and video material available on their website.