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5. May 2021
Ambition, sex, body politics
5. May 2021

My art at Singulart

Art wants to be seen and spread.

After a careful and positive admission process, I am very happy that my art will now be shown at ‘Singulart’. Singulart is a presentation platform on the internet and represents artists from 45 different countries. Singulart believes that the digital space offers fantastic opportunities to make the art market more transparent and fair.

For example, Singulart provides me with tools thanks to which I can autonomously design my PR and sales processes. The team works day in and day out on a common mission: to let the carefully selected artists shine worldwide and give them the international recognition they desire. Through this worldwide presentation, they include me in a circle where they accompany art lovers and collectors on a voyage of discovery through new artistic horizons and cultures.

Thanks to Singulart, my presented artworks can thus be acquired worldwide. I thus gain access that would not have been possible without Singulart.

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Singulart: a trusted intermediary between artists and art collectors worldwide.

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