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5. May 2021
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5. May 2021

Abbildung: © The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

Ambition, sex, body politics

The New Monopoly Podcast.
What drove Robert Mapplethorpe? Ambition, sex, fame? In the new episode of the Monopol podcast “Art and Life” we take another look at the famous photographer. Plus, Monopol columnist Anika Meier talks body politics and the legacy of cyberfeminism.

In keeping with the cover story of the current issue of Monopol, Sebastian Frenzel and Elke Buhr talk with host Sara Steinert about what was so groundbreaking about Mapplethorpe’s art. And artist AA Bronson recounts his personal encounter with the photographer, the excesses of New York’s downtown scene in the ’70s, and the devastation wrought there by the AIDS epidemic in the ’80s.

Monopol columnist Anika Meier is also a guest on the new podcast episode: on the occasion of the “Producing Futures” exhibition at the Migros Museum Zurich, her conversation with Sara Steinert focuses on the legacy of cyberfeminism and current strategies of young Instagram artists.

The postcast “Kunst und Leben” (Art and Life), which Monopol produces together with DetektorFM, appears once a month. You can find an overview of all episodes here.

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