Of the beauty of the ephemeral

It is no coincidence that I also remain true to my preference for the multi-layered use of materials in the figure paintings: only a pictorial structure of this density makes it possible to create a spatial depth and substance that is not only an aesthetic carrier, but also a synonym for life itself: Like the annual rings of a tree, it expands from year to year. from year to year.

And while the outer shell shows increasingly clear signs of aging, it gains - for those who look behind the facade facade - it gains a mysterious, profound beauty all of its own. The female and male figures depicted in the works often reveal themselves unveiled in the broadest sense: I am concerned in these works with 'nudity' in the sense of the unadulterated, beyond euphemistic, (teasing) and especially beyond the universally aspired to flawlessness. My interest is in the beauty of the human body human body, which is undoubtedly subject to transience.


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