FineART in combination of eroticism and art

Special effects open up a wide variety of application fields and design forms for me. Graphics with the computer is also the search for better and novel interactions, which further enlivens my original creativity as a typographer.

The intensity of eroticizing colors, shapes, effects and fully or partially naked skin – and thus the eroticism and fantasy of the resulting diverse expressions – have always been a central theme in art. Moreover, artistic creation itself is often perceived as an erotic act. As an act that releases life impulses. This impulse has been capable of becoming a beneficial source of inspiration for artists since time immemorial. Eros lives also in my art work with a special fascination. To show this alluring enchantment, I have created exclusive artworks in this series of works, which are intended to break boundaries in their colorfulness, expressiveness and creativity.

The series of these Erotic ART pictures is graphic-creative and digitally processed, printed on aluminum dibond – prints on canvas are also possible – and are especially exclusive individual works for art collectors who are looking for something special.