Magazine 'My Creative Studio'


OZ-Verlags-GmbH, D-Rheinfelden
Paint - Design - Be creative

Edition Nr. 84, Juli. 2016
Portrait 'As a guest of Robert Süess' - Artist portrait and painting stretch

Available from OZ-Verlags-GmbH, D-Rheinfelden



Magazine 'KUNST & material


Boesner GmbH, D-Witten
Background information on the international art scene

Edition Nov./Dez. 2012
Portrait 'Mature beauties - declaration of love for an intense life' about Robert Süess

Available from Boesner GmbH

ISSN-Nr. I868-7946


Magazine 'palette & drawing pencil'


palette Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, D-Koblenz
the magazine for artists and art lovers

Edition 4/2012 Nr. 102
Portrait 'When the soul shows its colors' about Robert Süess

Available from palette Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, D-Koblenz



Magazine 'Vernissage'


Brod Media GmbH, A-Wien
the magazine for current exhibition events

Edition 304/april-mai 2012
Portrait 'Soul landscapes' about Robert Süess

Available from Brod Media GmbH, A-Wien



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