Your own book, your own brochure - or even a video?

A book, especially a monograph, is an important step for an artist - and often a crucial part of being accepted into prestigious galleries. It also provides a high-quality overview of one's latest works for previous clients, exhibition visitors, and interested art lovers.

And last but not least, a book or a brochure richly enlivened with pictures serves many painting students and artists as inspiration for their own creativity. Newspapers or magazines are also material and subject matter for art. We artists engage with these media in many ways, whether as instruments of enlightenment or influence. Motivation and meaning for the use of these media are and have always been different. And even if the digital media age has brought radical changes, art will not be possible without print products such as books, magazines or newspapers.

On the following pages you will find my previous publications, published in book form, brochures, magazines and videos with all the details and where and how you can obtain them.


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