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My pictures are landscapes of the soul

boesner main catalog 2022-2023
Article studio shooting
(pages 308-313)
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Later is now

Zeitschrift Art&Material, boesner, July/August 2022
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Robert Süess, the principle of freedom

Singulart I Magazine, April 2022
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A man with a clear line

Willisauer Bote, April 2021
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5 minutes with Robert Süess

Singulart I Magazine, March 2021
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'I wanted to be free'

Neue Luzerner Zeitung, November 2015
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Landscapes of the Soul. About the fascination of the hidden and the desire to discover

Magazine Vernissage, April 2012
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Mature beauties

Zeitschrift Art&Material, boesner, November 2012
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