Comprehensive monograph on HR Giger
5. May 2021
Expressive acrylic painting – in conversation with Robert Süess
5. May 2021

New painting tutorial from Robert Süess at KUNSTschö

In the new blog of KUNSTschö you will find another painting tutorial by Robert Süess. This time it is another picture from the series of ‘Lapland pictures’. Robert Süess is so fond of the coast that he has dedicated several paintings to it with his experimental acrylic and mixed media painting. Let yourself be inspired and find out about the current workshop dates, where you can learn these versatile techniques with colors and materials directly from Robert Süess.

You will find at KUNSTschö in various painting instructions valuable tips for your own creative work. Robert Süess paints experimental acrylic paintings in mixed media. He enriches the colors with structure pastes. Or he replaces them with different materials, such as ash, sand and building materials in various subtleties and consistencies. In doing so, he uses acrylic paint as the base color. It is a highly cooperative medium and therefore ideally suited for his mixed techniques.

Click here to go directly to the painting instructions of Robert Süess at KUNSTschoen:

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