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5. May 2021
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5. May 2021

Impressive work show of my current work 


On February 29, 2020 began in the gallery Pitsch Geissbühler in Zofingen my large solo exhibition. On display until May 30 (extended due to Corona closure) were many new works that have never been exhibited before.

They were all taken last year after the impressive visit to Finnish Lapland. The great color and form formations of the arctic-cold landscape have impressed themselves on me intensively and so many pictures from this phase were created. Together with a color-coordinated mix, my gallery owner Pitsch Geissbühler has managed to create an exhibition that not only does justice to the ideal gallery space, but also shows the diversity of my work.

In this context, the four new figurines deserve special mention. They are basically to be attributed to a single work or color-coordinated with it. But of course they are also great individually.

I am curious about the visitors’ reactions and am very pleased to invite you – together with Pitsch Geissbühler – to visit the gallery in Zofingen. Even after the official exhibition is over, gallery owner Pitsch Geissbühler will continue to present some recent works.

For more information about the exhibition, please see the special page.

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