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5. May 2021
Artists in the Corona crisis
5. May 2021

Instagram and Pinterest are also changing painting

Presenting one’s works on social media still makes many artists uneasy. But via Instagram or Pinterest, completely new interested parties can be addressed and found. Newly added followers can be addressed on a regular basis. 

On Instagram and Pinterest, the basic conditions are the same for everyone, once you start from the facts. Anyone and everyone who creates art can create a profile there and start posting. That’s how it was with me. I shared works , excerpts or smaller video sequences of mine and waited for the reactions. Does anyone react at all? A painted image has the advantage that it can be quickly captured on Instagram and Pinterest channels, if it is not a small-scale composition. That also changes the painting. I usually work with a composition or with figures that I put on the canvas on a large scale. Videos and sculptures often work less well than two-dimensional works. You would have to be able to walk around sculptures, thus videos should be given more attention, meaning time.

Through my presence on Instagram and Pinterest, many doors have opened in the past year. I quickly noticed how easy it is to get in touch with many people who are interested in my images or simply my technique. From these channels, people interested in painting also sign up for my workshops.

I communicated the creation of paintings or the preparation of exhibitions on Instagram or Pinterest almost daily or at least weekly in different ways. I show how I work in the studio and how the paintings are created. Through Corona and the digital boom, my view of the impact of Instagram and Pinterest has changed. For weeks, we artists were eventually left with almost nothing but social media and the internet to look out into the world. A weariness has not set in with me and a new hunger for art in real space has nevertheless always remained present.

Certainly I will continue to present my works – or simply exciting excerpts of them – on these channels and be able to show a possible new interest group or buyers what is creatively emerging with me. You can find my previous posts on
Instagram or Pinterest.

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