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5. May 2021
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“Biomechanical” is what the surrealist called his often copied aesthetic

Perhaps HR Giger was the last surrealist. A comprehensive monograph begun shortly before his death now provides insight into the life and art of the Alien creator.

The omnipresence of surrealism was unfortunately over when H. R. Giger entered the stage of art. At least in the museums: Conceptual art, Arte povera and Minimal Art were celebrated there, which inevitably meant that the art of the Swiss artist had to take place elsewhere. Hansruedi Giger, as he was actually called, certainly had many inhibitions. In his younger years, he must have been immensely shy; in his old age, he was still shy, but in that sensitive way that might make outsiders perceive every eye contact as a special affection. But for all his reticence: he was never ashamed of his dreams. In the Monopol blog of 05.02.2020 the magazine informs about the new sculpture.

(Report Monopol Magazine 2020)

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