Painting tutorial ‘Coastal blue
5. May 2021
Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn at the Biennale
5. May 2021

KUNSTschön – The Blog for Art, Painting and Drawing

Beauty is known to be fleeting – but in art, in painting and drawing, it can become something permanent. At the same time, what we find beautiful may be something different for everyone, also very personal. Self-realization and creativity are therefore gaining in importance and are very important for personal happiness.

With exciting and instructive contributions, the creators of KUNSTschoen, Britta Sopp and Tina Bungeroth, try to provide helpful tips, various suggestions and valuable references to books, videos and activities of selected artists in their blog. To my great joy, I have been with KUNSTschoen since the beginning and with my two pictures shown above, I may actively represent the new platform.

Today – and we learn this already with a short look on the Internet or on Instagram – we are all confronted with a flood of images. Look at photo, liken, next picture.
Dealing with painted pictures is different: the artist has dealt with his subject in detail. Depending on the technique – acrylic paint, watercolor or drawing – he has built up the picture step by step, perhaps corrected or revised, until he reaches the often difficult to recognize point of being finished. Then the work, and with it his train of thought, is complete. One can also look at art in just as much detail. The closer and longer you look, the more you discover this layer and that detail. And perhaps also ask yourself the question of how and why it came about in this way.
Seen in this way, art and painting are the counter-program to the fast pace of our time.

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