Free places at the next finisher course
5. May 2021
Yayoi Kusama currently in Berlin
18. May 2021

News from the art world

Here you will find exciting articles about art. Up-to-date and easy to find. Move freely through my diverse thematic worlds with informative reports, photos, images and videos.

You will also find important information, dates and reviews of current exhibitions and art events.

In this page you can also always expect concrete reports on special artists, art trips, study visits, new magazines and books, on various workshop topics, course locations, academies and all kinds of stories about the art scene. Short-term opportunities to participate in painting courses are also displayed here, as well as planned new course content or own publications.

And last but not least, regular glances over the shoulder are not to be missed here: Because nothing is more exciting than stepping into the studio, where new, fascinating art is being created.

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