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5. May 2021
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5. May 2021

New course with Georg Kleber

Impulsively, spontaneously, without much thought you will make 30 small drawings (DIN A 5) and select the successful works from them. All the remaining sheets will be processed further. Then you will again select the good pictures and take on the rest again … until you are satisfied with all 30 pictures – and you don’t give up a single sheet!
After each pass, the drawing materials are changed: pencils, opaque colors, watercolors, ink, ballpoint pen, chalk, etc. Often one sheet provides the impetus for the next – and if the flow of painting stalls, don’t think twice, just move on to the next picture. The large number of sheets and the small format facilitate a carefree approach. Photos, objects, people, texts, scenes serve as inspiration. The mix of materials favors imagination-stimulating coincidences that often give the work a surprising twist. With every successful work, the courage grows ….

That is the starting point for this ‘classics workshop’ by Georg Kleber. His courses are in great demand in various academies in German-speaking Europe. So I am especially happy that we can welcome Georg again this year in autumn. His visit to the SüessART Academy is planned for week 44, i.e. from October 28 to November 1 (the 3-day course may be followed by a 2-day drawing course, depending on the interest of the participants).

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested or if you have confirmed your participation in the workshop, so that we can definitely arrange the course with Georg Kleber (minimum number of participants 8).
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